Personalized and precise care

At Heights Optometry, we believe that your eye exam is more than just getting glasses and contact lens prescriptions.  Our doctors are committed to providing comprehensive eye health evaluations to prescribe the best type of visual correction for you. This  includes testing your vision with state-of-the-art, computerized equipment to determine your unique individual prescription and also an eye health evaluation through advanced retinal photography and dilation.


The health check of your eyes is the most important part of the examination. Our doctors will examine your eyes for various disorders such as:

     Dry eye syndrome

     Computer vision syndrome


     Macular degeneration

     Retinal detachments or tears


     Signs of Diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol in the retinal blood vessels

    Brain tumors and multiple sclerosis

    Autoimmune diseases

Our doctors are highly trained to recognize all these conditions and will work closely with your regular primary care doctor to make sure your eyes get the care they need and deserve. 


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