Contact Lenses 

At Heights Optometry we offer a wide variety of contact lenses. Dr. Walton believes in prescribing the best contact lenses on the market so you have better comfort and vision throughout the day.

There have been many advances in contact lens material to achieve greater comfort, convenience and eye health for contact lens wearers in the past few years and you can rely on Dr. Walton to educate you about all your options.  Whether you've been unsuccessful with wearing contact lenses in the past, are having problems with your current contacts, or have been told you were not a good candidate for contact lenses, ask Dr. Walton and she will have the up to date information.

Due to the advances in oxygen permeability and daily disposable lenses Dr. Walton has fit children that are as young as 5 with contacts lenses for either better sports or school performance.  

Dr. Walton also loves to fit specialty lenses such as Synergeyes for those who have irregular corneas from conditions like keratoconus or post-surgical corneas. 




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