Have you been meaning to update your lenses in one of your favorite frames so you can see to the best of your ability or have a better back up to your contacts?

Or have you been meaning to get those sunnies you have turned into prescription lenses? This deal is perfect for you.


This price includes a premium anti-glare coating that helps for better night vision, UV protection, gaurds the lenses from scratches and repels grease and dust. 


Once you have purchased this deal you will receive information on how to drop your frame off or your lenses to be processed.



Update your prescription in your favorite frame

  • After we recieve your frame we will carefully look over the frame for any defects.  We reserve the right to refuse the service if the frame is in danger of being damaged beyond repair.

    We will handle your frames with the utmost care.  However, please be aware that if there is damage to your own frame it may not be able to be replaced. In the rare case that the frame is damaged beyond repiare we will not be held responsible for a replacement frame. You may furnish another frame of your choice to fulfill your lens order or take 30% off any frame in our collection.