Upgrade your lenses in your own favorite frame to include blue light blocking technology.


Blue light is all around us.  In normal amounts it boosts alertness and elevates your mood. However we expose ourselves to increased levels of artificial blue light from computer screens, phone screens, and flat screen TVs.  

This blue light is harder on our visual system and overexposure to Blue Light can lead to symptoms like eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption.

Thats why we are offering this special deal so your eyes can see and feel the best they can while you work!


After you place your order one of our trained opticians will be in touch to gather any further information and give you instructions for your frame to be dropped off at one of your convenient locations. 

Prescription Blue Light blocking lenses

  • After we recieve your frame we will carefully look over the frame for any defects.  We reserve the right to refuse the service if the frame is in danger of being damaged beyond repair.

    We will handle your frames with the utmost care.  However, please be aware that if there is damage to your own frame it may not be able to be replaced. In the rare case that the frame is damaged beyond repiare we will not be held responsible for a replacement frame. You may furnish another frame of your choice to fulfill your lens order or take 30% off any frame in our collection.