Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye can be a serious condition that can affect our quality of life.  It can be caused by many things such as aging, a dry or windy environment (SAN DIEGO!!!) excess computer use, contact lenses, and certain medications just to name a few!


Signs and Symptoms that you may have if you have Dry Eye Syndrome:

     >> Burning sensation in eyes

     >> Gritty/sandy feeling in eyes

     >> Light sensitivity and/or glare

     >> Transient blurry vision (especially on the computer)

     >> Tearing eyes (YES! Think of how much your eyes tear after riding a bike into the                   wind, it is a reflex from your brain to tell you your eyes are extra dry!)

     >> Discomfort with your contact lenses by the end of the day


Dr. Walton takes dry eye seriously and wants her patients to know how there is help. She uses a combination approach to treating your dry eye so you can see more clearly and comfortably.  Some of the treatment she uses are:

     >> Eye drops, not just any kind of drop but a specially formulation to address your                     specific type of dryness

     >> Nutritional advice on diet and supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids.

     >> Medicines, if severe dry eye can be treated with anti-inflammatory or                                     immunosuppressive drops or even a pill

     >> Puntcal occlusion: this is a short procedure that helps slow down the drainage of tears           from your eyes and can reduce the need for frequent eye drops.


Please contact Dr. Walton if you have any questions regarding the latest in dry eye management.


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