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Children's Vision Exam 


Two out of three children do not receive preventative vision care prior to beginning the school year.  One in four children have a vision related condition that can affect their learning in school or sports performance.   Uncorrected vision problems are sometimes misdiagnosed as behavioral problems such as ADHD. To ensure your child's vision is optimal, a yearly eye exam by an optometrist is recommended.  

Parents often think their child's vision is checked for at school or at the pediatrician, but studies have shown these screenings miss more than 1 out of 3 children that have vision problems. Your child does not know how to recognize eyestrain, glare, blur or double vision.  Our doctors perform a special examination for children, different from an adult exam, to ensure your child is seeing comfortably and clearly at all distances.

Our doctors will check your child's ability to focus properly on a distance and near target, their eye tracking skills to make sure they develop proper reading performance and better athletic performance and make sure the eyes are working together properly for the best depth perception.

Please schedule an exam, especially if you notice your child is squinting, repeatedly rubbing their eyes, closing one eye to see, holding reading material unusually close, tilting their head to one side, eyes are not aligning, has redness or excessive tearing.

If you would like more information on having your child's eyes examined contact us!





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